4007ES - Smaller Panel, Bigger Features

4007ES Panel - Enhanced Image

Designed for small to mid-sized buildings (up to 250 points), the Simplex 4007ES panel now has the capability to network and offers multi-hazard suppression release.


4007ES - Network

  • Will support peer-to-peer networking
  • Can be networked with Simplex 4100ES and 4010ES​ Fire Alarm panels, and TSW graphical workstations
  • Supports wired and fiber optic networks
  • Can upgrade existing 4007ES to a network panel version 3.04 and higher

4007ES – Suppression

  • Agency Listed for multi-hazard suppression release applications
  • Uses all the same 4090 Series suppression release hardware as the 4010ES and the 4100ES (Abort Switches, Maintenance Switches, and Coil Supervisory Module)
  • Can upgrade existing 4007ES panels version 3.04 or higher to support suppression release operation

Dual RS232 Card

  • The 4007ES can now support up to two RS232 connections for remote printers, PC annunciators, or building systems integration using computer port protocol.

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