SALTO Access Control

The SALTO Virtual Network (SVN) is a unique combination of on-line and off-line stand-alone readers with features that can only be matched by on-line systems that require expensive wiring.

The locks and cylinders are networked to your server without wires. The link that enables communication is carried by the “intelligent” key which is a 2-way data transporter that grants access to residences, offices, common areas and even lockers.

This data is captured at various “Hot-Spots” located in high traffic areas within the campus. The “Hot-Spots” upload and download information that defines user, staff and even contractor access. People simply “flash” their credential and continue with their routines while allowing for full control of all user access from a central station.

Auditing, access changes, and even diagnostics of the locks are communicated to your computer without the need of physically going out to gather this information.