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We're Growing - Careers @ Troy
We're Growing Image - Careers at Troy

Troy has a number of employment opportunities for Fire Alarm Service Technicians throughout our 28 national branches, and leadership opportunities are also available. You’ll enjoy excellent compensation, including a company-leased vehicle and comprehensive benefits. We are focused on employee growth, business growth, and financial success for both. Visit the Careers section to learn more.

Residential Sprinkler Report for Calgary City Council
Calgary Fire Department Truck Logo Image (Courtesy 660 News)

A report is headed to Calgary City Council about home sprinklers in new developments.

Fire Chief Steve Dongworth said they will be able to look at a real case study in Livingston, a neighborhood north of Stoney Trail which is an all sprinkler community.

“A real case study as opposed to a speculative one of the impact of sprinklers.” Dongworth said. “There is no question we should see virtually no fire deaths, no fire injuries, we should see much less fire loss without question, much less impact on the environment.”

Click here to read the full article.

Life Safety Retrofits in Long-Term Care Homes
Rest Assured - Senior Safely Asleep

When it comes to life safety retrofits in occupied facilities like long-term care homes, we can offer you peace of mind.

We have performed retrofits in all types of retirement homes and other care occupancies, and we know that every project has unique requirements. Our many years of experience have also taught us that efficient project management is key because it minimizes disruption and we know how important this is to everyone in your facility.

And, we offer industry leading service for all your fire and life safety systems:

  • Sprinklers
  • Fire Safety Plans
  • Standpipes/Fire Hose
  • Antifreeze Loops
  • Kitchen Hoods
  • Extinguishers
  • Fire Hydrants
  • Back Flow Prevention
  • Gas Suppression
  • Fire Pumps

Troy has many years of experience retrofitting occupied facilities, which is why many customers ask us to take the lead on their projects. Contact us to learn more. 

CNS Fire Safety and Emergency Preparedness Conference
Fire Safety and Emergency Preparedness 2017 Logo

The 2nd International Meeting on Fire Safety and Emergency Preparedness will provide a forum for nuclear professionals to network and communicate changes presently impacting the industry. The 2.5-day core program will be comprised of 3 plenary sessions and 6 technical sessions to present and share the latest work and information in the important areas of fire safety and emergency preparedness and mechanisms of emergency management and response that support enhanced interoperability.

Attendees will be able to report on the challenges impacting the nuclear industry and share lessons learned from reviews, drills, and major exercises. The topics include programs, plans, achievements and lessons learned from Business Performance and Governance, Human Performance, Technology and Processes and Programs.

The conference is intended to attract international participants from various sectors of the nuclear industry relating to power reactors, research reactors, nuclear laboratories, mines, processing, storage and handling facilities, decommissioned nuclear facilities, nuclear medicine and transportation of nuclear materials.

Visit the conference Web site to learn more.

SIMPLEX TrueAlert ES Speakers Sound Great!
TrueAlert ES Speakers - Addressable Audio | Easier Testing | Cuts Wiring Costs

SIMPLEX TrueAlert ES speakers feature excellent sound quality, so messages are heard even in busy environments.

They also combine Fire alarm with public address capability, so you can target different zones with different emergency announcements. Easier installation, testing and maintenance means fewer interruptions and better cost efficiency.

And as you may have heard, they provide the same design and wiring flexibility as all of our TrueAlert ES addressable solutions.

Key Benefits

  • Targeted messaging for emergency communications
  • More system design and expansion flexibility
  • Easier testing & maintenance with less disruption
  • Improved audibility, intelligibility and aesthetics

Sounds like the perfect choice for your next fire alarm project - contact us today to find out more.

Sprinkler and Fire Protection Installer Certification
Sprinkler Head Image - Installers Must Be Certified Text

Certification of Sprinkler and Fire Protection Installers will be mandatory in 2017.

The Sprinkler and Fire Protection Installer trade has been reclassified as compulsory. As of February 2nd, 2017, Sprinkler and Fire Protection Installers can only perform work legally if they are members in good standing of the College of Trades and have a valid Certificate of Qualification.

Download the PDF brochure below to learn more, or contact us to find out how we can help.

4007ES - Smaller Panel, Bigger Features
4007ES Panel - Enhanced Image

Designed for small to mid-sized buildings (up to 250 points), the Simplex 4007ES panel now has the capability to network and offers multi-hazard suppression release.


4007ES - Network

  • Will support peer-to-peer networking
  • Can be networked with Simplex 4100ES and 4010ES​ Fire Alarm panels, and TSW graphical workstations
  • Supports wired and fiber optic networks
  • Can upgrade existing 4007ES to a network panel version 3.04 and higher

4007ES – Suppression

  • Agency Listed for multi-hazard suppression release applications
  • Uses all the same 4090 Series suppression release hardware as the 4010ES and the 4100ES (Abort Switches, Maintenance Switches, and Coil Supervisory Module)
  • Can upgrade existing 4007ES panels version 3.04 or higher to support suppression release operation

Dual RS232 Card

  • The 4007ES can now support up to two RS232 connections for remote printers, PC annunciators, or building systems integration using computer port protocol.

Contact us to learn more.

Room Integrity Testing for Gaseous Suppression
Room Integrity Testing Man Inspecting Lines Image

For gaseous systems to work effectively, room integrity is critical.

Gaseous Suppression Systems are ideal for high risk, high value areas like server rooms, sensitive electronic infrastructure, and rooms containing irreplaceable objects.

When gaseous suppression systems are used, Room Integrity Testing is key, because the fire suppression agent must be maintained at a specific concentration for a defined period of time in order to meet NFPA requirements.

You can can on Troy Life & Fire Safety to design, install and test your gaseous suppression system. Download the flyer below or contact us to learn more.

Rapid Response Residential Fire Sprinkler Systems
Looking up to Troy Residential Fire Sprinkler Image

Introducing the state-of-the-art Rapid Response Residential Fire Sprinkler System.

The Rapid Response Residential Fire Sprinkler System, designed specifically for the home, is the most complete system on the market today, meeting all the requirements specified by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) for residential use. Beyond a diverse selection of sprinkler designs and finishes, the system features BlazeMaster® CPVC pipe and fittings, and a full line of system components.

Woman Looking Up in KitchenFire Can Strike at Any Time

Recently, over 53,000 fires in Canada took the lives of over 300 men, women, and children, while injuring more than 2,500. These fires caused property damage totaling more than 103 million dollars.

In 1990, Vancouver introduced a residential fire sprinkler program. The city has reduced its fatalities to an average of 3.3 per year down from an average of 8.8 per year prior to the Sprinkler bylaw being enacted.

At Troy, we want help you protect their world.

Learn More

Download the brochure below or contact us to learn more about the Rapid Response Residential Fire Sprinkler protection system.

Sprinkler Save in PEI School
Fire Sprinkler Image

The sprinkler system in a Summerside, PEI school had the fire out by the time firefighters arrived.

A fire that started in a computer server room in the Elm Street school was contained by a sprinkler system. Summerside fire Chief Jim Peters said, "It was just a matter of us, the firefighters, shutting down the sprinkler system and clearing some smoke."

Click here to read the full story.

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