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Troy Wins Chamber of Commerce Awards
Troy Wins Chamber of Commerce Awards

At the 2019 Owen Sound Chamber of Commerce Awards Ceremony, Troy Life & Fire Safety Ltd. was recognized with two awards – Business of the Year and Service Excellence

We couldn’t have done this without the contribution of our dedicated team. In the submission, we told the story of how each Troy employee is dedicated to providing excellent service across our 28 offices in Canada. We demonstrated how we support each other in training and mentoring. The judges were impressed with our incredible growth since we started Troy in 2007. 

Thank you to every member of the Troy Team for making this recognition possible!

Troy Recognized as Interlogix Security Pro
Troy | Interlogix Security Pro Logos

Troy is proud to be recognized as an Interlogix Security Pro. Together, we offer unparalleled security for the modern world.

Whether you need the power of digital security monitoring afforded by Interlogix TruVision surveillance products or the flexible capabilities of the TruPortal IP Appliance-Based Access Control System, we've got you covered.

Contact us to learn more.

Training Sets Our Service Team Apart
Troy - Training Sets Our Service Team Apart

We have opportunities for Fire Alarm Service Technicians throughout our 28 national branches - join us!

Troy has a number of employment opportunities for Fire Alarm Service Technicians throughout our 28 national branches, and leadership opportunities are also available. You’ll enjoy excellent compensation, a company-leased vehicle and comprehensive benefits. We are focused on employee growth, business growth, and financial success for both.

Our team includes 165 Fire Alarm Technicians with factory training, and 236 Sprinkler Fitters who spend years becoming certified.
Every day, thousands of customers count on us to ensure their life safety systems are installed, verified, inspected, maintained, and fully code-compliant. We’ve built our reputation on their satisfaction.

Download the PDF flyer below below learn more.

The Right Time - All The Time
The Right Time - All The Time - from Primex

Troy is proud to offer a complete time synchronization solution from Primex.

Primex is a leading provider of wireless time synchronization technologies, serving more than 16,000 locations worldwide. With the help of Amazon Web Services, OneVueTM keeps all your clocks synchronized to the exact same time, even through Daylight Saving Time shifts and power outages.

With no servers to install or software to maintain, cloud-based OneVue™ takes the hassle out of deploying a facility-wide synchronized time solution. Simply connect the bridge and power-up the Smart-Sync™ clocks, and within minutes, they obtain accurate time information from OneVue™. Smart-Sync™ clocks with Bluetooth® wireless technology help facility teams operate more efficiently, slash maintenance costs and focus resources on higher priority projects.

Click here to learn more about how Troy can help you stay on time.

Mythbusting Residential Sprinkler Systems
Residential Sprinkler Image Courtesy of Tyco Fire Protection Products

Mike Dwyer at Cedarglen Homes writes:

We want to spread the good word. I’m going to share a little piece of advice, as far as residential sprinkler systems are concerned: Hollywood lied to you. Remember Agent Smith interrogating Morpheus in The Matrix? Neo blows up the elevator, he and Trinity ride the cable up, and the sprinklers go off in the whole building? Total fiction. Other than that, it was pretty believable, but the sprinkler part is just plain wrong. That myth, and others, shall be vanquished forthwith!

Click here to get the facts about 7 common residential sprinkler myths.

Humidity Setting Off Smoke Detectors in Halifax
Fire Truck in Background with Pylon in Foreground

CBC news reported on July 24th that humid weather is causing smoke detectors to go off all over the Halifax Regional Municipality, including three false alarms at the Halifax infirmary. Halifax Regional Fire and Emergency said on Monday alone it had to respond to 52 calls across the city. Of those, more than half of them were because a smoke alarm was triggered by humidity.

"When humidity is high, we respond to a lot of calls," said Kevin Reade, a division commander for Halifax Regional Fire and Emergency. Reade said a certain type of smoke detector — called an ionization detector — often mistakes humidity or steam for smoke.

Troy has a line of photoelectric smoke detectors that compensate for environmental change. Download the brochure below to learn more.

Dramatic Residential Sprinkler Demo in Calgary
Dramatic Residential Sprinkler Demo in Calgary

A Calgary Herald report on the difference residential sprinklers can make during a house fire.

The simulation, using a trailer with two equally sized spaces staged as great rooms — one with a residential sprinkler, and one without — was held during an event in Livingston last weekend.

Master-planned by Brookfield Residential, Livingston is believed to be the only community in North America to make residential sprinklers a standard feature in all homes, from its inception.

The demonstrations of fires with and without residential sprinklers were done one at a time. In both cases, their respective smoke alarms were trigged about 22 seconds in.

“At just under three minutes, the room without a sprinkler went into flashover. At just over two minutes, the sprinkler head activated on the other side,” says Sean Pearce, a fire and life safety consultant who helped co-ordinate the demonstration in Livingston and has supported Brookfield in its implementation of residential sprinklers in various capacities.

The term flashover, he says, refers to “the point where the heat reaches a specific point for that room that the contents all ignite regardless of if they have direct flame impingement or not.”

Click here to read the entire Calgary Herald article.

We're Growing - Careers @ Troy
We're Growing Image - Careers at Troy

Troy has a number of employment opportunities for Fire Alarm Service Technicians throughout our 28 national branches, and leadership opportunities are also available. You’ll enjoy excellent compensation, including a company-leased vehicle and comprehensive benefits. We are focused on employee growth, business growth, and financial success for both. Visit the Careers section to learn more.

Residential Sprinkler Report for Calgary City Council
Calgary Fire Department Truck Logo Image (Courtesy 660 News)

A report is headed to Calgary City Council about home sprinklers in new developments.

Fire Chief Steve Dongworth said they will be able to look at a real case study in Livingston, a neighborhood north of Stoney Trail which is an all sprinkler community.

“A real case study as opposed to a speculative one of the impact of sprinklers.” Dongworth said. “There is no question we should see virtually no fire deaths, no fire injuries, we should see much less fire loss without question, much less impact on the environment.”

Click here to read the full article.

Life Safety Retrofits in Long-Term Care Homes
Rest Assured - Senior Safely Asleep

When it comes to life safety retrofits in occupied facilities like long-term care homes, we can offer you peace of mind.

We have performed retrofits in all types of retirement homes and other care occupancies, and we know that every project has unique requirements. Our many years of experience have also taught us that efficient project management is key because it minimizes disruption and we know how important this is to everyone in your facility.

And, we offer industry leading service for all your fire and life safety systems:

  • Sprinklers
  • Fire Safety Plans
  • Standpipes/Fire Hose
  • Antifreeze Loops
  • Kitchen Hoods
  • Extinguishers
  • Fire Hydrants
  • Back Flow Prevention
  • Gas Suppression
  • Fire Pumps

Troy has many years of experience retrofitting occupied facilities, which is why many customers ask us to take the lead on their projects. Contact us to learn more. 

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