QuickStart Version 2.5 is Now Available

QuickStart 2.5

Another step forward for this remarkably flexible family of fire alarm panels.

All models - the QSC conventional, the QS1 intelligent, and the QS4 conventional/intelligent - benefit from the QuickStart 2.5 release with new and enhanced features, and quick and easy migration from previous software versions.

Here are just a few of the highlights...

QS-CU Configuration Utility

  • Expanded operating system compatibility - QS-CU is compatible with Windows 98, 2000, ME, XP Service Pack 2, and Windows Vista Home Edition
  • Support for R-Series remote annunciators
  • New Dialer Report displays strings sent to the CMS
  • Supports earlier versions of CPU code

Support for R-Series Annunciators

  • In addition to the CPU and SRA style remote annunciators, QuickStart version 2.5 now supports GE's R-Series annunciators. These feature easier installation, smaller size, and a simpler user interface.
  • Downloading to R-Series remote annunciators is no longer required - just set the address dipswitch!
  • R Series annunciators - the same ones used for our iO Series Control Panels - are now fully supported by QuickStart. This means fewer parts to stock and less programming and configuration to learn!


Version 2.5 of the QuickStart Configuration Utility (QS-CU) is backwards compatible with all previous versions of QuickStart CPU microcode, along with any future code releases. Upgrading to QS-CU version 2.5 allows laptop communication to any QuickStart system, regardless of its version.

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