Christina @ Troy

Christina started with the Company in Edmonton as Service Coordinator in 2004. She was responsible for many areas of the service department such as inventory, training and procedure enforcement such as being the ISO representative.

She then transferred to the Kelowna Branch in 2007 in a Preventive Maintenance Sales position and in 2008 expanded her role to the Service Manager position.  She has proven her strong customer service skills by building long standing relationships with many of our customers. She has also been instrumental in growing our customer data base with a proven track record of providing what she can and always going the extra mile.

When we ask Christina why she loves her job, this is her response;
“I can be myself, learn, grow and achieve all in one day. There is no daily grind. We have stability but yet are constantly evolving. It is a company I can trust and not call it just a job but a career. You are free to express yourself and can offer suggestions that will always be taken to consideration and appreciated.  This company is the right fit for me!”